Water Efficiency Shower Head

Best Shower Head for Water Efficiency

Our Comparison of Water-Efficient Low Flow Shower Head

If you wanted to find out what kind of low flow shower head was available for water efficiency, so that you can stand under the warm shower this winter with a minimum of guilt over water wastage, you are at the right place. I decided to go to the local hardware to see what kinds of water efficiency shower head I could find.


A standard showerhead wastes around 12-22 L/minute. With a more efficient showerhead (9L/min) you can save 63 liters of water over 7 minutes. This is a fairly quick shower for some. A water-efficient showerhead can also save on electricity or gas which in turn saves on your energy bill.


Most if not all showerheads at the hardware are Wels 3 star rated which is 9 liters per minute. However, changing from a 9 liter per minute shower head to a 7.5-liter shower head can save 5000 liters per year. WELS stands for “Water Efficiency Labelling Standards”.


How Do Water Saving Shower Heads Work

Showerhead technology has adapted and the once maximum of 3-star rating has now risen to 4 stars, with some of the technology included for water-saving being:


  • Water jets that cross over to make a larger spray such as the Satinjet
  • The aura jet which has hidden jets coming out of a hollow ring.
  • Showerheads with an Airstream mixer


Best Water Saving Shower Head in Australia

Here are some 4 Star Rated Water Efficiency Shower Heads

There was only one shower head that was rated higher than 3 stars and that was Wels 4 star rated at 7.5 liters per minute and that was the Methven Satinjet that was all I could see in the store. Nevertheless, on further investigation, I found out that Methven has a good range of Wels 4 star rated showerheads.

When I asked the sales staff why there were no 6-star shower heads, I was told that there are only 3 and 4 stars rated showerheads because if they had any more restriction then no water would come out.


I found this hard to believe as there was ample tapware that had a six-star rating that mixes air with the water to create the best water efficiency.


Water Savings Valve Kit

I went to look at the water flow-restricting discs section and found that the discs also only restricted flow to 9 liters per minute. These little red discs are about $15 AUD

There was also a water savings valve kit made by Hydrosave which had valves for the shower which only restricted flow to 9 liters per minute. However, within the same packet, there were valves for the bathroom basins which were Wels 6 and 5 stars rated. The kit shown below is about $40 AUD

Wells 4 star Water Efficiency Shower Head Brands


When I got home I checked online for water efficiency showerhead at the same hardware store and found that the 4 star rated showerheads were mostly of the same brand being Methven. Not all Methven showerheads were 4 stars rated but a good proportion of them was and they all had a flow of 7.5 liters per minute.

The 4 Star types are:
  • Methven Rua Aurajet Handshower with 13 concealed jets and 20% more spray power than normal showers. It also has double the coverage. Costs around $350 AUD
  • Methven Kiri with Graphite Satinjet – the double jets cross paths to make a larger spray. Costs around $165 AUD
  • Methven Chrome Graphite Kiri shower rose which attaches to your wall-mounted outlet. Cost is around $140 AUD
  • Methven Maku Satinjet which sits on a vertical rail. Same thing with the spray crossing paths to get more volume. Costs around $110 AUD
  • Methven easy click with 3 functions extendable rail. This one has an airstream mixer much like the way the 6-star tap ware functions. However, this is 4 stars and the air mixing creates a light feeling shower experience. The telescopic rail would be good for you if you are tall. The handset position can be changed so that you can feel like you are standing in the rain. This unit is about $180 AUD
  • All of the above are chrome with the exception of the Satinjet which has graphite rose.



There was one other brand that had a Wels 4 star water savings rating and that was Ezyfix. This was an Ezyfix Shower Air Revolution WELS 4 Star handheld or fixed shower head which came on a height-adjustable vertical rail which rotates 360 degrees. This unit is about $200 AUD.


Most of these water-efficiency showerheads are quite expensive compared to conventional showerheads but you should save money in the long run as showers use up the most water in any family.


Get a Water-Saving Shower Head Free

The good news is that If you apply water-efficient technology to most of your outlets you could be eligible for a government rebate. You can find the rebate information on the governments Your Energy Savings website.


There is also more good news for you; free showerheads are available in South Australia under the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES).



It would be advantageous for you to get a more efficient showerhead which could save you money on both water and power. For a small initial cost to replace showerheads and put some water restricting valves in your taps you could save a lot of money.

In addition to that, you can probably get a rebate in South Australia which is where this Adelaide plumber is based. If you are unsure how to fit the new showerheads and tapware or valves Adelaide Plumber Hire can help you with that.

Or you can get a free showerhead. Not sure what WELS star rating they would provide. I would say it’s probably a 3 Star shower head.  So I would call them and ask, then decide, after pricing the one you want and enquiring after the rebate.

My choice of a water efficiency showerhead is the Ezyfix Air Revolution shower head which is not the most expensive and liable to save the most money for you over time. It has a single fixing point and rotates 360 Degrees which opens up a world of possibilities for your shower time