Need a new Hot Water System in Adelaide?

Hot Water System

As your Local Adelaide Hot Water Systems Plumber, we can help you decide on your choice of a new hot water unit.

There are many hot water systems to choose from which can be confusing at first. Our local Adelaide hot water systems plumbers are experts on the various types of hot water systems.

  • Gas Hot Water

  • Electric Hot Water

  • Solar Hot Water

  • Quantum Electric Heat Pump Systems

We can Source the Best Option for your Home Hot Water?

There are many different types of hot water systems available for your home and can be divided into several general categories. They include:


  • Gas Hot Water System
  • Electric Hot Water System
  • Solar Hot Water System
  • Quantum Electric Heat Pumps

These general categories can be further divided into subcategories,

for example:

Gas Hot Water Systems:

  • Gas Storage (On Mains Pressure)
  • Continuous Flow (Instant Gas Water Systems)

Electric Hot Water System:

  • Immersion Element Electric Hot Water Heaters

Solar Hot Water Systems:

  • Close-Coupled
  • Split Systems

Quantum Electric Heat Pumps:

  • Have a heat exchanger
  • Work like a reverse cycle air conditioner
  • Suck any hot air into the system even on cold days

The cheapest hot water system to run is a continuous flow gas hot water system which is the most inexpensive to run.


If you have an Electric hot water system on your property and wish to replace it, you will not be allowed by government policy to replace it with another electric hot water system if you have gas on your property.


Your choices for replacement are:


  1. 5-star gas hot water system
  2. A solar hot water system
  3. Heat pump hot water system


Your Local Adelaide Plumber will be able to help you decide which Hot Water Systems in Adelaide will be best for your needs.


Change from an Electric Hot Water System to a Natural Gas Hot Water System.

Adelaide Plumber Hire can normally fix the problem on the same day as most of the parts are carried in the van. If not then a change over unit can usually be arranged the next day. There are many brands and models to choose from and your plumber can advise you on the best for your needs. If you need to get a new unit and your current hot water system is electric then you will most likely opt for a gas hot water system either storage or continuous flow. If you are not already connected to gas then your local Adelaide plumber can organise a new gas line from the roadside to a meter all for free. The new gas hot water system can then be installed by your Adelaide plumber gasfitter as soon as your gas line is connected.

Instant Gas Hot Water System

Instant Gas Hot Water System

With instant Gas hot water systems in Adelaide, studies have established that the continuous flow hot water systems, also known as instant gas hot water heaters they turn the gas burner on full which is ignited from the pilot light when the hot water is turned on. The water then passes through a heat exchanger made of copper. The burner then turns off when the hot water tap is turned off. This makes the instant gas hot water system more economical as energy is only used when needed and gas is not continuously being used to keep a tank full of water hot. Lately, there are electronic systems that use electronic gas lighting system instead of the pilot light which may go out in high winds leaving you freezing your behind off trying to get it alight again. Electronic systems are a much better option and they have many advantages apart from being even more efficient due to no pilot light. Other advantages are that you don’t need to keep a tank of water hot day and night and if a few people take a shower the hot water never runs out. No servicing is required and the temperature can be adjusted from a control pad inside the house.

Continuous flow size chart

# of hot taps used simultaneously

Run rate (litres per minute)







Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Gas storage hot water systems in Adelaide have a burner underneath the tank which is controlled with a thermostat which varies the rate of flow of the gas according to the temperature of the water within the tank.

This type of hot water heater burner is ignited with a pilot light which can cost between 50 -$100 a year just to keep burning.

There are two types of tanks used for storage of the hot water in these systems and they are mild steel and stainless steel. The mild steel tanks have a sacrificial anode inside which corrodes easier, thus sacrificing itself for the good of the tank. This anode should be replaced regularly to safeguard the integrity of the mild steel tank. The stainless steel tank, on the other hand, needs no such anode and generally lasts longer overall.

The thermostat is generally set at about 60 degrees to stop legionella’s disease from forming. Gas storage hot water heaters lose heat from the sides. This is why they are not as economical as the continuous flow type of hot water systems. Your Adelaide plumber can repair your hot water system or if it needs to be replaced he can fit a new continuous flow system.

Gas Storage Hot Water size chart

Number of people

Size (litres)










Electric Hot Water System

If you are looking for a replacement electric hot water system in Adelaide and you have gas on your land then you can’t replace it with another conventional electric hot water system.

You will probably be looking at getting a 5 Star gas hot water system, Solar or Heat Pump, which are way more economical anyway and will save you money. If your electric hot water system is up in the roof then you can replace it with another electric hot water system in the same position.


Immersion Element Electric Hot Water System

Immersion element electric hot water systems heat up the water in the tank using an electric element.  There is a thermostat that controls the temperature of the water, heating it to a constant temperature.

There is also a type of electric hot water system that heats the water during the cheaper off-peak times, but a larger tank is needed to store more hot water until the next off-peak time which is between 11 pm and 6 am. This style of an electric hot water system is offered with single or double elements depending on the demand. These types of systems are the most expensive to run.

Why Would I Opt For An Electric Hot Water System?

Although the initial cost of an electric hot water system in Adelaide tends to be cheaper, you would only choose this option if you have no gas to your land or office. You can still purchase an electric hot water system in Adelaide up to 250L as long as you don’t have gas connected.

Solar Hot Water System

If you are considering a solar hot water system in Adelaide, you would probably like to know what types of solar hot water systems there are available.

Although this is not our area of expertise, here are the types available for your information.

These types are:

  • Close coupled System (Entirely roof mounted).
  • Split System. (Independently located).

These types of solar hot water systems will either have an electric booster for when there is no sun to heat up the water or a gas booster. Solar hot water systems are inexpensive to run but usually, are more expensive to install.

If you are environmentally conscious then this is the way to go since about 25% of the total household energy is usually spent on heating water. You can also get a large rebate which helps with the initial cost of installation.

A further consideration is whether to use a flat panel or evacuated tube solar panel. The evacuated tube panel is becoming way more popular due to its efficiency in transferring the heat directly to the water and the good thing is that each tube can be replaced if necessary. On top of that, they are easier to install, need less maintenance and are not prone to corrosion or frost damage.

Estimate of the Solar Hot Water System Needed

  • 1 – 2 persons = 150 – 220L necessary
  • 3 – 4 persons = 220 – 300L necessary
  • 5 + persons = 300 + L necessary

Some of the solar hot water brands available are:

Rheem, Bosch, Rinnai, Dux, Equinox, Aquamax and Conergy Solar.

Quantum Electric Heat Pumps

We can not say that this our area of expertise, however here are the types available for your information.

Quantum electric heat pumps work in a similar way to a reverse cycle air conditioner in that whatever heat there is available in the air outside your home is sucked up and used to heat your water through a heat exchanger which is just a water pipe running through another pipe carrying hot air. These quantum electric heat pumps work even on cold days down to 10 deg.

STC Clean Energy Rebates

You could get money back from eligible small-scale renewable energy systems such as Solar or Electric Heat Pumps listed above you can get small scale technology certificates (STC) which can be sold to get money back so that the cost of purchasing the system is reduced.

Professional Adelaide Hot Water System Replacement

Hot Water Service Replacement

Has your hot water heater given up the ghost? we can replace your hot water system with the latest technology that will last.