Need to get your Blocked Drain Cleared in Adelaide?

What if you have a Drain Blockage in Adelaide

If you have a blocked drain Adelaide, it’s a problem that pops up in everyday life for everyone who lives in this city. Let’s face it, accidents happen.

Our plumbers use the latest technology available in Adelaide to clear your blocked drains fast to prevent damage to your house including CCTV, Hydro-Jets, Pipe Locators and electric drain clearers also known as electric eels or plumbers snakes.

If the blocked drain is not fixed then it can lead to related problems like damaged floor coverings or even damage to the foundations of your house and cracking or shifting of the house’s position which will severely hurt the value of your property.

If you have a blocked drain in the city of Adelaide then call the experts Adelaide Plumber Hire now on 0480019400,  24/7 to deal with the problem right away before any further damage occurs.

Blocked Drain


If you have a blocked drain, it might not be long before the water backs up and you could have sewage coming out of your laundry or shower.

Worse, you might not be able to flush the toilet as the toilet bowl fills up and all the goodies float to the top.

If it’s urgent then call now, we have a 24/7 emergency plumber on call.

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Efficient Cleaning

The plumber that we send out to unblock your drain will use the most efficient and best method and modern tools needed for your type of drain blockage.

Causes of Blockage

Blocked drains can be caused by many different things, these include:

  • Fats and Greases
  • Hair mixed with fats and greases
  • Food scraps mixed with fats and grease
  • Sediment, Minerals, and corrosion
  • Feminine sanitation items
  • Toys and other foreign objects
  • Leaves, dirt, branches and other debris
  • Movement of the house due to ground subsidence
  • Old and cracked pipes which allow tree roots to enter and cause a blockage
  • Rats and other animals building nests

These and many other things can cause blocked drains. Some blocked drain problems can be averted by avoiding putting the wrong things down the drain.

Be careful not to pour cooking fats and rice or similar down the drain as the cooking fat will mix with other debris in the drain and harden when it cools.

Also, be careful what you put down the toilet other than toilet paper.

Some sanitary products will block the toilet.

Additionally, when you plant a tree, try not to plant it near existing buried pipes.

Some types of blocked drains that our plumbers clear are:

  • Blocked Kitchen Sink Drain
  • Blocked Shower Drain
  • Storm Water Drain Blockage
  • Toilet Drain Blockage

It is important to identify potential for a drain or pipe to become blocked before the actual blocked drain occurs. Signs to look for which might indicate a future drain blockage situation are:

  • Slow drainage of shower and sink drains.
  • Toilet level rising when you flush
  • Bad smells being emitted from your drains
  • Noises coming from drains that indicate a slow flow
  • Drain grate overflows when a larger amount of water enters the drain
  • Puddles of water in your front or back yard
  • Grass greener in one spot in your front or back yard

These signs will pre-warn you of a potential future blocked drain which you can get fixed before it becomes a problem by calling our expert plumbers to nip the problem in the bud.

Sometimes a blocked drain happens without you realising that there is an underlying problem so if this happens and you need a blocked drain plumber fast then call Adelaide Plumber Hire on 0480019400

The equipment that we use to unblock your drain includes:


CCTV allows the plumber to send a camera down the drain to determine what type of blockage you have and this determines what the next tool the plumber uses to unblock the drain.

Pipe Locator

The next step in unblocking the drain is to use a pipe locator. This is an instrument that can detect an electrical signal from the CCTV camera head which tells the plumber where the blockage is and also how deep.


 A hydro-jet also is known as a high powered water jet will go through most things and clear the blockage. This is the first choice and a hydro-jet will cut through most things including silt, tree roots or other solid objects.

Electric Drain Cleaner

An electric drain cleaner is the last resort as sometimes there is a massive tangle of tree roots down the drain which can’t be cleaned with the hydro-jet.

The electric drain cleaner has cutting blades on the end of a flexible cable which extends from a spinning drum powered by an electric motor.

The reason that this is the last resort is because an electric drain cleaner can damage the pipes due to the spinning cutting blades.

These are usually only used in cracked ceramic pipes which have tree roots growing through them and need the electric drain cleaner to clear them.

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