Need Plumbing Services Adelaide?

We are your local plumbing services Adelaide mecca. Our plumbing services in Adelaide encompass every plumbing situation including commercial plumbing, drain cleaner, toilet installation or clogged toilet clearance. No job is too big or too small.

Types of Services :


  • Best Materials

The Plumbers invest in all the latest high quality tools and machinery that is specifically suited to your plumbing needs such as blocked drains. We have a specialised drain cleaner for the job.

  • Highest Standards

Our plumbers are capable of repairing a vast variety plumbing problems. We don’t do unnecessary work or replacement.

  • Every Job is Special

If you want the excellence you would anticipate from a experienced plumber, but with a caring and personable attitude, look no further.

Fast Reliable Service

Fast Plumbing Service

Adelaide Plumber Hire are reliable plumbing services Adelaide that hire a professional team of plumbers with 20 years or more experience so that the customer can be confident that the plumber that we send out to do the job has done the job many times before.

Here at Adelaide Plumber Hire, we pride ourselves on speedy and efficient service with no shortcuts in completing the highest quality job. We cover the city central, South and South West Areas of Adelaide so that our plumbers can get to your job quickly without spending a lot of time traveling and minimising the possibility of late arrival due to delays in traffic or road works or similar.

The range of plumbing services that we cover is numerous and all situations are covered with all the tools and parts required for the job usually kept in stock within the plumbing vans.

Emergency situations often come up and sometimes include leaking or flowing taps, pipes leaking, flowing toilets, blocked toilets, subdued water pressure, and sluggish or blocked drains.

The quality of the plumbing job that is carried out determines whether the fix lasts for the long term and you can trust that an Adelaide Plumber Hire professional will give the best lasting service and not take short cuts on quality.

So, for fast friendly service and positive attitude cal Adelaide Plumber Hire.

Professional Plumbing Service Adelaide

  • Leaky Tap

Got a leaky tap or two and need the job done quickly? Give us a call, we’ll do our best to do the job asap.

  • Blocked Sewage

Has your sewage backed up and your drains are blocked. No problem we’ll fix that in as short a time as possible

  • Clogged Toilet

Got a clogged toilet or looking for plumbers who can do toilet installation. We can do that no problem.

  • Hot Water Service Replacement

Has your hot water heater given up the ghost? we can replace your hot water system with the latest technology that will last.

  • Blocked Drain Plumbers

Blocked drains or pipes and your drain cleaner didn’t work? Don’t worry its probably an easy fix for your local plumber.

  • Fast Service

If you need a job done fast we will do our best to get to you as sonn as possible or we will give an honest estimate of our arrival time.


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