Need a Plumber in Brighton South Australia? Once Difficult - Now Easy

Plumber Brighton Jetty

If you have a plumbing problem in Brighton, Don’t hesitate to call Adelaide Plumber Hire, we have a plumber Brighton and specialise in the south west Adelaide area from Glenelg to Brighton and Marion. If you have an emergency, we can help with that too.

Emergency Plumber

If you need an emergency plumber in Brighton call us and we will be there as soon as possible and on time. If there is some unexpected delay we will call you.

Emergency Tips:

Leaking Pipes

If your pipes are leaking, then you will need to turn the water off at the SA Water Meter. This is out the front of your house. Turn the tap off (clockwise) until the plumber arrives. If you need to flush the toilet then just get a bucket of water and pour it carefully into the toilet so that you get no splash back but quick enough so that the contents get flushed through.

Blocked Drains

If your toilet is backing up or your drains are filling up, overflowing or gurgling you probably need a plumber with a hydrojet or an electric drain cleaning machine commonly known as a plumbers snake. (We have or can get these types of machines)

Hot Water System Leaking?

If you have a tank storage type hot water system and it is leaking, there should be a black valve or a tap at the bottom where the water inlet is. You will need to turn this off (clockwise) to stop the water continuously running into the hot water storage tank.

Once you have done this, you can leave the mains water on but call our plumber to fix the problem.

We can assist with all of your plumbing requirements. This includes:

  • Clearing blocked drains
  • Fix or replace leaking taps
  • Repair or install replacement hot water systems
  • Install heat pumps
  • Fix or install solar hot water systems
  • Bathroom plumbing and remodeling
  • Install new taps and bathroom or kitchen fittings
  • Kitchen plumbing and remodeling
  • Fit Water filters
  • Hook up Dishwashers
  • Find Water Leaks
  • Fix leaking or broken pipes
  • Gas Fitting and repairsĀ 
  • And more depending on your requirements

Here at Adelaide Plumber Hire we make sure that you are happy with the plumbing service that we provide by using the highest quality parts that will last a lifetime so that you can rest easy knowing that the problem is fixed once and for all. We use all the best brands and recommend the best product for your situation taking into account energy efficiency and your current needs like the size of your family etc. If you ask for advice and after we give some advice Just tell us what you want us to do and we will take care of everything for you.

We have a huge amount of experience and a complete range of plumbing services, repairs and replacement. We do our best to remain competitive while at the same time offering only the best quality parts and accessories coupled with top quality service.

Call our Plumber Brighton for Fast Service

We know that plumbing problems can be annoying and stressful, so we try to relieve the worry by fixing the problem as efficiently as possible. If you need a plumber to fix your plumbing problem in Brighton don’t hesitate to call us by tapping on the button below: