About Our Plumbers

Who we are

We offer complete plumbing services in the city of Adelaide covering the CBD and we have plumbers in southern Adelaide as well as plumbers in Adelaide’s western suburbs.

Adelaide Plumber Hire is a plumbing business Managed by Peter Edwards. Day to day plumbing operations and inquiries are handled by Roy who has 50 years of plumbing experience.

We hope to expand to the North and Eastern suburbs of Adelaide in the future. So if you need plumbers in Adelaide, give us a call.

It Starts with an Apprenticeship

All our plumbers started as an apprentice to a master plumber and ours were no different.

 At first, the tasks allotted to us were unblocking a blocked drain or other not so nice jobs that come with being a plumber such as clearing a clogged toilet or two.

 Eventually you can become Master Plumbers with 20 to 50 years under our belt and look forward to expanding your business to other areas of Adelaide.

Services include Domestic Plumbing, Blocked Drain Clearing, Fixing and Fitting Hot Water Systems and Gas Fitting. 

 We also do 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing when required and although we list our hours if its an Emergency we are happy to help.

 At Adelaide Plumber Hire we have all the equipment needed to fix your problem, including all the spare parts for hot water systems as well as CCTV cameras, Pipe Locators, Hydro-Jet high-pressure water blasters and Electric Drain Cleaners also known as plumbers snakes.

So don’t hesitate to call us for all your plumbing problems now!

Typical Plumbing History


Just out of the apprenticeship still employed by a master plumber and still clearing blocked drains. Starting to take on more complex jobs other than clearing clogged toilets


Still clearing the blocked drain occasionally but working on gas connections and hot water systems and other more complex jobs as a journeyman plumber


After working as a journeyman plumber under a master plumber for five plus years and still clearing the occasionally blocked drain more study is required to get certificate four in plumbing services to become a licensed plumber and no longer need to work under someone else’s supervision


Master Plumber, you can now be a business owner and additional skills are required to run a business to maximise customer satisfaction, as word of mouth is the best marketing for any plumbing business to have.

I have teamed up with a plumber who has about 50 years experience and I am learning how to market my services on the internet after building this site and rebuilding after many a late night.

Still, don’t know if it’s going to get me any customers but learning fast but looking like the underdog with Blokes like Ken H getting most of the online traffic and running 70 vans.