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Tips In The Case of Emergency

Hot Water Storage System Leaking?

Burst Pipe or Squirting Taps?

Hot Water System Shut Off Valve

If Your hot water system storage tank is leaking, you can shut off the water supply to the tank by turning off the shut off valve (clockwise) which will look like a black round valve or a winged valve. The Mains water can stay on.

Mains Water Meter

In the case of a burst pipe or Squirting taps, turn the mains water meter off in your front yard until the plumber arrives. If you need to flush the toilet while the mains are off, fill a bucket with water before you turn off the mains and pour it into the toilet bowl when it needs flushing.


  • Best Plumbing Materials

Your Plumber Adelaide has invested in all the latest specialist tools and equipment that are specifically tailored for your plumbing needs. The latest equipment is necessary to complete your job quickly and safely. Modern plumbing tools should include CCTV, Pipe Locator, Hydro-Jet and Electric Pipe Cleaner. These tools will clear your blocked drains, no problem.

  • Local Adelaide Plumbers With Professional Standards

The plumbers are capable of conducting a vast variety of plumbing jobs. We only do the work that is needed to fix your problem and won’t try to up sell or make you replace the whole unit if a repair job that lasts can fix the problem at a realistic price.

  • Every Job is Personal

If you want the quality you would expect from a professional plumber, but with a more personal and friendly can-do attitude, you have found it. We pride ourselves on doing a neat and functional job that lasts without costing you the earth.

  • We have no travel charges and Free Estimates

PH : 0480 019 400

Sewer Plate


We will attend your emergency as soon as possible in a professional and friendly manner.

  • General Plumbing
We have the skills, experience, and equipment needed for your general plumbing needs. Most of our plumbers have 25 to 50 years experience in the plumbing game.
  • Clogged Toilet
One of the signs that you have a blocked toilet is when the water rises alarmingly as you flush. To avoid having to clean up a smelly mess call us on 0480019400 right away and your toilet will be unclogged your toilet in no time.
  • Leak Repair
Is your tap leaking? To avoid a potential overflow and costly damage to your home call us by tapping the button or mobile icon below to fix the problem and lift the weight from your shoulders. We repair all types of leaks.
  • Drain Cleaning
Have you tried a DIY fix on your drain but it didn’t work? Blocked drains can quickly become emergencies with potential damage to your home. If the commercial drain cleaner from the store didn’t work, tap to call on your mobile and we will come quickly. We can clean your drain in a few minutes.
  • Hot Water Systems
Gas, electric, solar or other hot water systems fitted or replaced. We can help you decide what to do with your old leaking hot water system. If you have gas to your property, continuous flow hot water systems are the best.
  • Sewer Repair
Unblocking of septic tank or mains sewer pipes that have tree roots growing through them will entangle with other rubbish and block your sewer while emitting a bad smell. Fixing this problem is our specialty. Call us by tapping on a nearby button or icon for fast friendly plumbing service.

Plumbing can get complicated! “Sometimes you just need experienced Plumbers Adelaide”

You might be able to do the simple jobs like changing a tap washer or unblocking a drain that’s not already backing up but when things go pear shaped it may cost more. Prevention is often better than the cure.

Here at Adelaide Plumber Hire, we look for the most experienced plumbers in the Adelaide area and hire them, so that our customers experience the best possible outcome in terms of quality and plumbing services.

We want our customers to get, not only the best quality job for a reasonable price but also speedy and reliable service.

Because you don’t want to be waiting around all day for a plumbers Adelaide who do not give you a specific estimated time of arrival and arrives on time or lets you know that he has been delayed for whatever reason.

It happens! so we ask our plumbers to let you know if he will be a bit late well before the expected time of arrival.


Try finding a Plumber on a Sunday

That’s why for every area we service we have very experienced Adelaide plumbers who are based near your area so that you get speedy service, especially in an emergency.

Although we advertise our hours plainly, we always hire plumbers Adelaide that will attend to your plumbing emergency 24/7 any time of the day or night.

Everyone deserves to have regular hours but if it’s an emergency don’t hesitate to call us out of hours and we will attend to your problem.

Also, we try to hire Adelaide plumbers that don’t charge a call out fee so that you don’t get charged a fortune for a minor plumbing problem.


The bigger problems often require complex Plumbing equipment

Our plumbers are experienced in blocked drain clearing and use CCTV to determine the problem. Then they locate the pipe from the electrical signal given off from the head of the CCTV. if conventional methods do not work they use a hydro-jet to clear the drain.

This is less damaging than a plumber’s snake otherwise known as an electric drain cleaner which has cutting blades allowing the plumbers snake to cut through the debris but it can also damage the pipe.

Nevertheless, the electric drain cleaner can be effective if other methods are not viable and the plumber will be careful not to do any damage.


Does you’re Hot Water System needs attention?

Our plumbers are also the most experienced in Adelaide with hot water systems and usually have the spare parts for repairing various hot water systems in their van. If the system can not be repaired right away then we can replace it the next day.

The hot water systems include gas continuous flow hot water systems that heat the water on demand and are the most energy efficient or gas storage hot water systems that keep a tank of water heated constantly.

Other systems that our plumbers service in Adelaide are electric hot water systems. If they can be fixed with spare parts our local plumber will fix your hot water system.

However, if you need your hot water system replaced and you already have gas on your property it is advised to switch to a gas hot water system and indeed there is a Government law that will oblige you to switch to gas.

Continuous flow hot water systems that deliver hot water on demand are the most energy efficient, so it would be advantageous to switch to this type of system if you need a replacement.


Gas Fitting Repairs

If you have a gas leak don’t risk the life and health of your family. Gas leaks can be a dangerous and repairs should not be attempted by the inexperienced and unqualified. Like most plumbers we also do gas fitting. This not only includes gas hot water systems but also gas heaters, gas ovens and other gas appliances. So if you need a gas plumber Adelaide, were here to help.


Plumbers in Southern and Western Suburbs of Adelaide

We don’t just service the Adelaide city area, but also the southern and western suburbs of Adelaide, namely in the City of Unley, City of Holdfast Bay, City of West Torrens, City of Mitcham and the City of Marion.

So that means that any plumbing need can be taken care of by Adelaide Plumber Hire. You don’t even have to remember the number if you are on a mobile phone.

Take the weight off your shoulders, clear your mind of worry, our plumbers will take care of everything, simply tap to call:


Why You Should Call Us!

Dont take our word for it. Just search 5 best plumbers in Adelaide, we are listed number one in online media in a news article. We also have pretty good reviews.

We care about our customers. Would you like us to get this done for you? Call us by tapping the button today.


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